Fighting Yank 3


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The ‘Yank travels to the most remote region on Earth- the legendary Dawn Land, where all the Golden Age jungle heroes have become the hypnotized slaves of the notorious Red agent, The Panda, who forces them to mine Commie Uranium! An all-new lead featuring produced in a classic retro-style!! Can The Fightng Yank possibly battle his way through throngs of beastmen,giant stone sentinels, and Communist death-traps to save more pulchritudinous jungle girls than have ever before been gathered in a single comic-book story? With the curvaceous Cave Girl fighting at his side, ‘Yank faces “Deadly Danger In Darkest Dawnland!” Action heroics with a tongue-in-cheek slant, set in the fictional world of 1954-land. By Singin’ Stan Demand, Hardboiled Hack Coilby, and Joltin’ Jake Signett! (Otherwise known as Bill Black and Eric Coile.) And as if that wasn’t enough, you get two actual Golden Age reprint stories, “The Half-Horsepower Judge”, starring the original Fighting Yank- drawn by Mort Meskin, and “The Man Who Conquered Death”, a Cave Girl original illustrated by Bob Powell. 44 pages, black and white with color covers, standard comic book format, printed in 2002.