Fighting Yank #1


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Return with us to 1954- the year that the superheroes made a comeback and Commie agents plot against America. Who can save the good old U. S. of A.? Fighting Yank, that’s who. See Yank sporting a nifty new patriotic costume as he clobbers such freedom crushers as Sputnik, the super ape, and the revolting Red Square. He is aided by sidekick Kid Quick and the voluptuos Femforce supporting cast member, Yankee Girl! Hack Coilby has written and drawn this story as an homage to the Kirby classics we all loved in a style so close to the King’s that you’ll think yer back in ’63! But wait… ther’s more! There are guest stars galore including The Avenger, Captain Flash, Reddevil, and a few surprises that can’t be revealed here! Art by Eric Coile and Bill Black. What could be better? How about if we threw in a Golden Age Nedor Comics Yank tale drawn by the legendary Mort Meskin and Jerry Robinson!! 40 ages, color cover and black and white interior. Standard comic book format. Printed in 2001.