Fighting Yank 4


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Major Phil Angry accidentally activates a confiscated Commie time machine that hurtles Fighting Yank into the far-flung future! There Ralf The Ruthless plots to capture Yank’s newfound pals, the sexy Star Fems, and sell them as brides to a hideous Martian!! Can our 20th Century patriot save Mysta, Futura and Gale Allen from a fate worse than death? Join te Yank as Hard-boiled Hack Koilby(Eric Coile), Singin’ Stan Demand(Wade Hobby) and Joltin’ Jake Signitt(Bill Black) thrust our hero into the 1950’s Sci-Fi genre, embellished with dozens of era guest-stars. Plus, a legitimate Golden Age FY tale, straight out of Nedor Comics and 1947-as drawn by Ken Battefield, and actual vintage s-f- Space Patrol, as illustrated by Bernie Krigstein. 40 pages, standard comic book format; black and white with color covers. Printed in 2002