Fighting Yank 5


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ALL NEW STORIES AND ART FROM COVER TO COVER!! NO REPRINTS!! It’s mass hysteria in 1954 as mob of vicious villains (The Panda, Dr. Noah Khan Do, and Lu Sin, joined by the mysterious , size-changing villainess known as Titanica ) try to steal the experimental time-displacement matrix of Professor Sidewise. Our hero, The Fighting Yank has returned to that fateful year just in time to lead a group of his old buddies ( Pyroman, Miss Masque, Doc Strong, The American Crusader, Princess Pantha, The Grim Reaper, The Liberator, Captain Future, The American EagleThe Woman In Red, The Mask, The Phantom Detective and… The Holy Terror- AC’s revived versions of the Golden Age heroes from the Nedor/Standard/Better line of comics from the 1940’s- collectively known as the Sentinels of America) in pitched battle to save the free world from an onslaught of tyranny. Wait’ll you see the awesome GTS nastiness of Titanica, AC’s newest giant woman of badness. Guest stars abound ( Kid Quick, Yankee Girl,The Justice Squad, Atoman, Magic Lantern, Dr. Nocturnal, Starr Spangle, Major Marble, Young Marbleman, Marni Marble- and even the Strongarm family!!) In this wild, superhero romp entitled…”Where Titans Tread”! Written and drawn by Singin’ Stan Demand (Bill Black ) and inked by Joltin’ Jake Signitt .(Mark Heike) Then, newcomer Mark Glidden contributes another all-new, feature-length ‘Yank adventure called “Id, The Monster Maker!!” Dr. Noah Khan Do and The Panda are at it again, challenging FY and guest-star Reddevil in this detailed homage to the Lee/Kirby moster stories of pre-hero Marvel days. Another issue of rollicking fun with tongue firmly planted in cheek!! 40 pages, black and white with color cover, standard comic book size. Printed in 2002