Fighting Yank Action Figure


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THE PRODUCTIS SOLD OUT AND UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE. The Cast-a-Way Toys 8″ Fighting Yank poseable action figure was the sell-out sensation of the 2005 FX Toy and Collectible show in Orlando, Florida, and a tiny quantity of this great Limited Edition (only 100 were manufactured) toy were purchased by AC Comics publisher Bill Black, so that we could make them available here to you, the serious AC Comics fan. This professionally- crafted, fully articulated Mego- style Yank has custom-molded hands and feet, removeable cloth costuming, (with exacting screen-printed trim and detailing) and is durable- he is built to be played with. ( Due to web store server limitations, the large photo here does not do justice to this top-quality product. For a better look, check out the numerous photos on the main page.) He comes packaged in a revolutionary RECLOSEABLE transparent clamshell package, as you see him here, with a colorful backer card designed by AC’s own Stephanie Sanderson- Heike; AND an actual copy of issue #3 of the Fighting Yank comic book, full-sized and full 36-page length!! The Fighting Yank mini-series of 2001 was the cult-hit that inspired the great folks at Cast-a-Way Toys to produce this sharp figure, and is based on that AC Comics version of this great old Nedor Comics character. Cast-a-Way does plan on a large-release production run of a Fighting Yank figure within the next year, but it will be a different variant than this limited edition, designed to draw attention to the company and it’s upcoming line of genereal-release AC licensed action figures. To make this package even more special to AC web store shoppers, the clear plastic recloseable clam shell package will be autographed by AC publisher Bill Black, and artist Mark Heike. (For the record, NONE of the Fighting Yanks sold at the FX show were autographed by these two.) But that’s not all- if you buy this figure now, you will also get a copy of the 2005 FX Show program book; a profusely-illustrated, 32-page full-color comic book format guide to the show featuring a color cover painting by show guest of honor Jim Steranko, and a complete write-up of AC Comics and the toy exclusive. But remember, we have only a handful of these, and when they are gone, they are ALL gone- so interested buyers should act fast!!