Good Girl Art Quarterly #18 | Good Girl Comics #18


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Femforce jungle girl Tara Fremont stars in the new lead story this issue, as she searches an African rain forest cave for a mysterious “Star Gem”, little knowing it is guarded by mystic demons. Story and art by Nick Poliwko, with inks by Steve LeBlanc. Then, the historical reprint section sticks with the jungle motif, starting with Fox Feature’s Jungle Lil, in “Lands Of The Mandrill Queen”; followed by Matt Baker’s Tiger Girl, out of Fiction House’s Fight Comics, a Bill Black text feature on “Lorna, The Jungle Girl-The Marvel Comics Queen Of The Jungle”; Jungle Comics star Camilla, drawn by Ralph Mayo, and Matt Baker again on Sky Gal(Girl), from Jumbo. No, she isn’t in the jungle, but we like her, so we put her in. Color front cover by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike, color photo back cover of Annette Peters as Tara . Interiors are black and white with graytones. Printed in 1995.