Good Girl Art Quarterly #3


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Comtemporary Femforce lead story in color. “Shapeshifters”, Part III, written and drawn by Mark Moore, and inked by Chad Hunt. It guest stars Harry Diamond. The best in Golden Age pinup style reprints, with Fiction House’s Camilla, Sky Girl by Matt Baker, (from Fight Comics ) Firehair by Bob Lubbers, (from Rangers Comics ) with a historical write up on the greatest FH babe of them all, in “The Saga Of Sheena”, by Bill Feret, “How Sheena Met Bob” by W. Morgan Thomas,(reprinted ) and a Bill Black special “Spotlight On ( Firehair artist ) Bob Lubbers” .Girls, girls and more girls, in the third issue of this great series that takes the comic style appreciation of the female form from the 1940’s into the present. Color cover by Mark Heike, interiors are color and black and white with graytones. 52 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1990.