Men of Mystery #102


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Men of Mystery #102 is now available- another great eclectic collection of the best and most interesting costumed-hero adventures from a wide variety of Golden Age publishers, including Standard/Nedor, Dell, Eastern Publishing, Fawcett, Fox, Continental, Bailey Pubs, Pelican, Lev Gleason and others. Vintage gems here abound, including THE LAST original 1940’s MISS MASQUE story left that we had not previously reprinted; an untitled Lin Streeter-drawn adventure initially printed in Exciting Comics #54. Also, the ONLY SHOCK GIBSON story ever drawn by the Glanzman brothers- Lew Glanz ( best known for being the main artist on Centaur’s AMAZING MAN and The SHARK, as well as being the first artist to illustrate the classic children’s book character, Pipi Longstockings) and Sam Glanzman (best known for his stellar art on war stories at DC and Charlton in the Silver Age), plus classic never-before-reprinted stories featuring Dick Briefer’s REX DEXTER; IBIS, MOON GIRL, Mr. SCARLET, COMMANDO YANK, BLACK TERROR and PHANTOM EAGLE. There are also not one but TWO 1940’s heroes that have never before been seen in MEN OF MYSTERY debuting this issue: Mr. LUCIFER, a dark anti-hero type illustrated by John Giunta during his pseudo-Meskin phase, originally seen in the Bailey shop- produced Spook Comics #1; and one of THE rarest one-shot heroes of the Golden Age, The GREEN GIANT; written by George Kapitan and drawn by Harry Sahle, seen previously only in Pelican Pubs’ one-shot Green Giant Comics in 1941. In addition, this issue also features a quintet of “sophmore sensations”; stories atarring heroes who have appeared previously in MOM ONLY ONCE. They include The RED BLAZER (drawn by Al Avison), H. G. Peter’s FEARLESS FLINT, Fox Features’ GOLDEN KNIGHT, RED ROCKET(with art by George Appel), and Bob Wood’s The GHOST. A full 140 pages of spectacular forgotten gold, reproduced in crystal clear, pristine black and white, with color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle- stitched, for $29.95 from AC Comics. Printed in 2016. This issue has a variant cover!