Men of Mystery # 111


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Writers: Otto Binder, Robert Turner, Dave Wood, Robert Hughes, Gardner Fox, Joe Millard, William Woolfolk and others uncredited
Artists: Charles Biro, Ogden Whitney, Al Carreno, Bill Draut, Dick Fletcher, Chuck Cuidera, Dick Dillin, Jack Binder, Ken Battefield and others uncredited
Synopsis: More rare, vintage superheroes from the 1940’s including Charles Biro’s original DAREDEVIL, Fox’s BLUE BEETLE, SKYMAN, CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT, PYROMAN, DOC STRANGE, VULCAN, The HOODED WASP, BUCKSKIN, BLACK SPIDER, and others, including first-time MOMers RED DEMON and GREG GILDAY!! Classics not seen since their original printings in the Golden Age!!
Special Notes: None