Men of Mystery #113





Obscure, seldom-seen costumed and adventure heroines of the Golden Age are in the spotlight in Men of Mystery #113, a special special “Weird Women Of Mystery” issue of MOM . Never-previously-reprinted heroines include THE BLACK ORCHID, MISS ESPIONAGE, NELVANA, The SPIDER WOMAN, and The PURPLE TIGRESS!! Additional features include full stories starring rarely-seen heroines MADAME STRANGE, SPIDER WIDOW and the BLACK ANGEL in stories not seen in print since their original 1940’s appearances, plus additional adventures headlined by BLACK VENUS, The BLACK CAT, PAT PATRIOT, PANTHER GIRL, TYGRA, UNDERCOVER GIRL and The VEILED AVENGER. Art by John Cassone, Rudy Palais, Al Hollingsworth, Lee Elias, Nina Albright, Gus Ricca, Chuck Winter, Frank Borth, Ogden Whitney, Arties Saaf, Pagsilang Isip, Adrian Dingle, Florence and Albert Magrarian, Dan Barry, Sy Barry and Ruben Moriera. 140 pages of classic comic book action showcasing some of the most unusual and interesting distaff defenders of comic books’ nascent era. Standard comic book size. black and white interiodrs with full-color covers, saddle-stitched. $29.95 from AC Comics. Printed in 2019