Men of Mystery #114


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Men of Mystery #114    $29.95 cover price

Men of Mystery #114 is another all-female-heroine issue, revisiting the “Women Of Mystery” theme that proved so popular in Men of Mystery #100. Eighteen full vintage stories originally printed in the 1940’s and ’50’s by defunct publishers like Fox Features, Quality Comics, Harry “A” Chesler, Lev Gleason, Harvey and others. Features a quartet of NEVER BEFORE REPRINTED heroines: ASTRON, CROCODILE QUEEN ( in TWO full stories); Black Orchid II (from Harvey’s All New Comics); DIANA, The HUNTRESS (in TWO full stories); and MARGO The MAGICIAN. Also, never previously reprinted tales of WILDFIRE, PAT PATRIOT, and LADY FAIRPLAY- plus classic stories starring TIGER GIRL, JOAN MASON, CANTEEN KATE, DOLLY O’DARE, RULAH, SALLY O’NEILL and ZEGRA. Art by MATT BAKER, REED CRANDALL, JIM MOONEY, JACK KAMEN, GENE FAWCETTE, JACK RYAN, FRANK BOLLE, EDMOND GOODE, LEO MORET, GUS SCHROTTER and JIM WILCOX. 140 pages of the best and rarest female heroines from the medium’s first decade in high-definition black and white, with full color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched and available now from AC Comics for $29.95. Printed in 2020.