Men of Mystery # 93


Men of Mystery #93 is now available!! A special all-Quality issue spotlighting gems found in Everett “Busy

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Men of Mystery #93 is now available!! A special all-Quality issue spotlighting gems found in Everett “Busy” Arnold’s great line of comics in the 1940’s and 50’s. Top artists abound, starting off with a SUPERB Lou Fine story starring UNCLE SAM, originally seen in National Comics #13. Not only is this ‘SAM’s first MOM appearance ever; this MAY be the single greatest comic book illustartion job Fine ever did! A real feast for the eyes, as SAM breaks up a scheme using townspeople as slaves in an underground mine. Next, Paul Gustavson puts pen and pencil to paper to illuminate an episode of Smash Comics star MIDNIGHT, as all gangland teams up on him in “Let’s Murder Midnight”, from Smash #47. Then, Feature Comics star DOLLMAN rings in with a sort of a “try-out” story auditioning his girlfriend Martha Roberts for her future role as his partner, Dollgirl. Here Martha appears as a six-inch-tall heroine who calls herself “Midge”, in an adventure that originally ran in Feature #77. Master craftsman Reed Crandall provides visuals on a breathtaking feature-length CAPTAIN TRIUMPH drama (originally seen in Crack Comics #57) wherin his girlfriend Kim falls under the thrall of the fanatical cult of the Green God!! Polish resistance hero The MARKSMAN does his imitation of William Tell to save innocents behind eneny lines in a tense tableau drawn by Fred Guardineer; Jack Cole illustrates a never-previously-reprinted story starring the DEATH PATROL (plus one-pagers of Dan Tootin and Wun Cloo); Lou Fine does an encore on HACK O’HARA, and another costumed hero makes an MOM debut- The SNIPER weighs in, doing his best to save non-combatants from the Bataan death march in a Vernon Henkel-drawn story from Military Comics #33. Another Henkel creation, MOM first-timer YANKEE EAGLE also joins this issue’s fray to clear a girl wrongly accused of her brother’s murder. All this plus the swashbuckling ERIC FALCON from Buccaneers Comics, The WHIP from Crack Comics, RUSTY RYAN and his Boyville Brigadeers, The JESTER, KID ETERNITY and more Quality surprises- all in crisp, clean, state-of-the-art full-story black and white reproduction. 140 pages, full color covers, saddle stitched for $29.95. Released in 2014