Men of Mystery #99


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Men of Mystery #99 is now available!! A wonderfully eclectic collection of lead features, stong backups and a little rare weirdness from defunct publishers like Hillman, Fawcett, Spark, Dell, Lev Gleason, Harry “A” Chesler and more- perfect for the discriminating collector and Golden Age fanatic. Sixteen full vintage stories reprinted in glistening black and white, featuring adventures starring headliners like Lev Gleason’s original Daredevil, Crimebuster ( in his later Chuck Chandler days), Airboy, Captain Midnight, Shock Gibson, The Owl, The Flame, The Claw, and Spirit of ’76- as well as MOM first-timers including Atoman, Fireater, Great Zarro, Iron Ace, Mr. E, and Robin Hood. Artists on these wonderful features include Joe Kubert, Jerry Robinson, Bob Powell, Arties Saaf, Carmine Infantino, Leonard Frank, Norman Maurer, Robert Q. Sale, Jack Binder, Arturo Cazeneuve and Frank Thomas. 140 full pages of vintage greatness within a full-color Fred Kida, saddle-stitched at full comic book size, priced at $29.95. Released in 2016.015.