Nightveil #1 (vol.1) 1984


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ALL COLOR!!! Born to wealthy parents, Laura Wright enjoyed the easy life of a young socialite- until the onset of World War II. Her involvement with and apparent death of a young government espionage agent inspired her to adopt costume and mask as The Blue Bulleteer ,( Heavily influenced by actual Fox Features Golden Age character, The Phnatom Lady.) and fight the foes of democracy. Years later, at age 40, Laura was all but finished as a crime-fighter, when her life was altered by thr quasi-dimensional being known as Azagoth. She would train for years in the arcane arts, have her youth restored, and return as …Nightveil, Sorceress Supreme !! One of AC’s most popular protagonists, and a future member of both the Sentinels Of Justice and the Femforce, she is actually the continuation of the PL character publisher Bill Black used for years in his successful Paragon Pubs line of black and white magazines. This book picks up right where events left of in Fun Comics #4,as NV has her climactic battle with the undead wizard king, Tharu-Oron, in “The Veil Rips”. It is written by Steve Ringgenberg, and drawn by Mark Heike. The visuals on this tale are unique- since it takes place on three different planes of reality, three separate art reproductions are employed- fully painted pencil renderings for Dark Dhagor, standard inked line art for Earth, and half-toned finished pencils with flat printed color for the void between dimensions. A printing experiment not seen before or since. Then, a second story utilizing traditional comic art- “Deathstalk!” At home in her Everglades sanctum after her other-dimensional battles, Nightveil must stave off the attack of the hideous she-demon Gorgana!! Story by Steve Ringgenberg, drawn by Mark Heike and inked by Bill (Elementals)Anderson. Interior cover text bio of Nightveil, back cover pinup by Dave Matthews and John Beatty. Color cover by Paul Gulacy, interiors are all color. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1984.