Scarlet Scorpion/Darkshade 1


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A flip-book double lead feature starring two of AC’s most popular supercharacters!! First, down-and-dirty super-strong street fighter with the ability to heal from almost any injury, The Scarlet Scorpion stars in “Ghost”. When Jersey City prostitues start turning up dead, no one much cares. The rumors that the killer has some supernatural ability to avoid detection doesn’t bother The ‘Scorpion, and when he calls in help from Rita Farrar, they track the killer-all the way to the D. A.’s office. Story by Rik Levins, art by Darrel Goza, Chris Allen, Eric Coile, Mark Heike and Mike Mikolajczyk. Guest starring Magic Lantern( now known as Beamedr), lieutenant Trent, and Nirvana. Then, turn the book over, and read the adventures of the supernatural entity known as… The Darkshade!(formerly known as The Shade) At the Weir Asylum, concern for the spectral projection of Roger Brant grows high. Separated from his physical body for too long, anf dtill tainted with the malevolence of the dimension of Dark Dhagor, ( as seen in Femforce #68, and Femforce Up Close #11 ) The Shade may cease to exist, unless powerful friends can mystically restore him. This untitled story is written, layed out and inked by Bill Black, and pencilled by Chris Allen. Then, once restored, The Shade is too late to save a beautiful blackmail victim from committing a murder, and he must once again face the cacaphony of a million tortured souls screaming out to him for help, in this untitled sequence made up of reworked pages from Americomics #’s 2 and 3, written and drawn by Rik Levins, and inked by Willie Blyberg. Color covers by Bill Black, 36-page flip-book format, standard comic book size. Printed in 1995.