Scarlet Scorpion/Darkshade 2


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The Scarlet Scorpion starts out looking for his old friend Myla Chang, but is soon drawn into the search for a missing actress. When weird horror director Dario Scarpelli finds his horror fare sells better when there is real blood involved, The ‘Scorpion must take a hand in stopping the slaughter in “Snuff”, written , drawn and inked by Bill Black, with Chris Allen. Then, it’s a revamped and updated telling of- “The Origin Of The Scarlet Scorpion”, as we see how an experimental growth regeneration serum not only saved the life of a truck driver with a shady past, but turned him into a super-powered force for good. Plot by Rik Levins, script by Mark Heike, pencils by Jordi(Green Lantern)Ensign, and inks by Chris Allen and Mark Heike. Then, it’s Darkshade in “Project Psion”. When an experiment to increase human intelligence goes awry, and the “lab anomals” try to maske a monkey out of the researchers, The Darkshade(formerly known as The Shade) must step in . This story, written and drawn by Rik Levins, and inked by Bill Black, originally appeared in 1984’s The Shade Special. Black, white and Red-toned cover. interiors are black and white .36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1995.