Sentinels of Justice Vol 2 #1


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When Dr. Jonathan(Purple Claw)Weir opened his vault to help out in the titanic battle against The Bkack Shroud, (in the pages of Femforce Comics ) he awakened scores of slumbering superheroes from comic’s Golden Age. After a period of contentiousness with the contemporary supercharacters in AC’s universe, a group of the former Vault Heroes was eventually allowed to join the Sentinels Of Justice. This special-format mini-series focuses on solo stories featuring some of the most popular members.In the all-new lead story, “Renewal”, written and inked by Bill Black, Avenger co-creator Dick Ayers himself pencils, as the Avenger must go uo against his arch-nemesis The Player, for the life of his former love, Claire Farrow- with tragic results. It guest-stars Ms. Victory, Reddevil, Paragon, The Scarlet Scorpion, Miss Masque, Commando D, Rocketman and Jetgirl, Byron Foulger, The League Of Alternative Science and Margo Nadeau. Then, a special vintage bonus back-up- a reprint of the actual first appearance and origin of The Avenger, from Magazine Enterprise’s Avenger #1. “The Birth Of The Avenger” is written by Gardner Fox, and drawn by Dick Ayers. Color cover by Dick Ayers, interiors are black and white with graytones. 36 pages, 6″ X *1/2″ compact comic size, standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.