Space Ark #1


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If you didn’t think goofy, Warner Bros.- style funny animals in space would be funny, you’ve never seen Space Ark!! Meet Cap’n Stone, Boltz, Barker, Kitty, Dr. Whoot, Brooklyn and the rest as they venture forth into deep space on the U. S. S. Space Ark, searching for the villainous alien race known as Mucoids!! The jokes fly fast and furious with these furry anthropomorphics in “No Time For Space Ark”! With story by Mark Cantrell and Ken Mitchroney, art by Mitchroney, and inks by Ralph Cabrera. Ken soon went on to become an animater, designer and director in TV animation, and a long stretch drawing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book for Archie Comics. This was his baby, and he pulled out all the stops on it. Genuinely funny. Color cover by Mitchroney, full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format, printed in 1985