Space Ark # 2


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ALL COLOR!!! Those fabulous, funny furries are back in outer-space type action, as bossman General Dynamix assigns Cap’n Stone, Kitty and the rest to track down the mystery of dissappearing rocket fuel shipments, with predictably hilarious results. When the raiders turn out to be a crew of male-starved, all-female felines, they are soon more interested in Captain Stone than in rocket juice. When their advanced technology in cloning brings a solution to their lonliness, it’s the General’s nightmare with an entire planet filled with Captain Stones!! Among the best -done of the independant anthropomorphics, these funny animals are actually funny !! This book even sports a photo of Walter(Star Trek)Koenig reading a copy of Space Ark #1!! Story and art by Ken Mitchroney, Mark Cantrell and Robert Sayes. Color cover by Ken Mitchroney, full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1986.