Spring Break Comics # 1


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SprBrk1 Produced to be sold at Spring Break events in Daytona Beach , this way-out issue introduced a hilarious cast of beach-cavorters, lead by the stalwart superhero, Crabman, and his stalwart girlfriend, ( always seen in a bikini, because it is the beach, after all) Penny Pontoons. Read the secret origin of Crabman, and learn how mysterious radioactive alien debris turned mild-mannered Eugene Crabtree into CB, and his boorish tormentor Gil Sharkey into a marine mutant and Crabman’s arch-enemy! Wacky, slapstick action and babes in bikinis!! Strories and art by Bill Black, Ken Mitchroney, John Dell, Mark Cantrell and Frank Zenau. Color cover by Ken Mitchroney and Bill Black, interiors are black and white with graytones. 36 pages, 61/2″ X 11″ size, standard comic book format. Printed in 1987.