Durango Kid 1

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THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY SOLD OUT AND CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE AT ANY PRICE> Columbia Picture’s most colorful star, Charles Starrett is The Durango Kid, in this rollicking reprint of some of the ‘Kid’s best stories from his Magazine Enterprises run of the 1950’s. Durango finds himself embroiled in trouble after saving a young woman and her son in “The End Of The Secret”, from M. E.’s Best Of The West #12, June, 1954, with art by Fred(Zatara)Guardineer. Only iron nerves and quick thinking save Durango from the “Law Of The Hangman’s Noose”, from Durango Kid #9, February/March, 1950, with art by Joe Certa and John Belfi, and then he faces the risk of riding alone with valuable cargo as he faces the deadly “Peril Of The Pony Express”, from Durango Kid #8, December/January, 1950, also by Joe(Martian Manhunter)Certa and John Belfi. All three stories are probably written bt Gardner Fox. Also, a special guest story starring the Haunted Horseman,(M. E.’s Ghost Rider) “Play Of Death”‘ drawn by Dick(Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos)Ayers. Durango Kid holds a special place amongs heroes in the heart of AC Comics’ publisher Bill Black. Read these stories and find out why. Color photo front cover of Starrett as Durango, black and white back and inside cover photos, too. Color and black and white interiors. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1990.



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