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    Faze One Fazers #4

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    Faze One Fazers #3

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  • Faze One Fazers #2

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  • Dragonfly #1

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  • Faze One Fazers #1

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  • Americomics #4


    Architect Ken Burton was obsessed with the former superhero known as The Dragonfly. Years after he disappeared, Burton learned the secret of his powers, and set up a ceremony to call down the insect god and bestow the dragonfly powers onto him. But, when his Nancy walks in at the wrong moment- well, now SHE is invulnerable, super strong, can fly, and has telekinetic powers. And Ken’s just pissed. See how the superheroine who never wanted to be copes with her new abilities and defeats the malignant giant known as Anteas. The origin and first appearance of this character who would have a solo series of her own from AC, as well as star in their Femforce title. Written and drawn by Rik (Captain America) Levins, and inked by Kevin (Spectacular Spider-man) Dzuban. Then, the astral being known as The Shade goes to the surface of the moon to quell the screams of souls in torment heard in his hypersensitive mind. But while this spirit of Roger Brant is on the lunar orb, his unconscious body is menaced by a burglar. Script and pencils by Rik Levins, inks by Willie Blyberg. This issue has a great duotone cover by Jerry Ordway, and is full color on glossy paper throughout. Standard comic book format, printed in 1983.

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