Best of the West #6


New story “Six Gun Showdown

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New story “Six Gun Showdown”starring The Durango Kid, Redmask, Black Phantom and The Presto Kid written by Bill Black, art by John Nadeau, inks and letters by Dick Ayers Black Diamond in “Redman’s Revenge”art by Pete Morisi From Black Diamond Western #55, 1955 Allan “Rocky” Lane in “The Wrong Man”art by Dick Giordano and Vince Alascia Redmask (Tim Holt) in “Bait for Bandit Bullets” art by Frank Bolle from Best of the West #8 The Haunted Horseman (Ghost Rider) ” The Rifle That Never Missed” art by Dick Ayers from Redmask #47 Durango Kid (Charles Starrett) in ‘The Senorita and the Killers!”art by Joe Certa and John Belfi,