Femforce # 1


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First historic issue of this long-running independent comics smash hit from the creative genius of Bill(The Invaders)Black. Initial offering of the only successful ongoing series ever to feature a team of super-powered women., only the 229th title in all of American comics to eventually surpass the 100-issue mark. This is the first color appearance of the Femforce team, “Trek For A Time Twister”, introduces Ms. Victory, She-cat, Nightveil,( who mystically reverts to her Golden Age persona of the Blue Bulleteer for this adventure) and Tara Fremont. The girls recruit new member Tara, and head down to South America to help out the neice of FF founding member Rio Rita. There, they encounter dinosaurs, primitive Amazons, and the villain known as Ripjaw, all while trying to return an experimental time-travel device. Probably the first modern “good girl art” comic, harkening back to the great pinup traditions of 1940’s comics artists like Matt Baker, Bill Ward and Bob Lubbers, and the top magazine cheesecake illustrators such as Vargas, Petty and Driben.. Story, layouts and inks by Bill Black, pencils by Mark Heike. (First appearance of Rita Farrar, Ripjaw, Satch and Wallow, Dr. Carlos Jimenez and his Time Triangle.) Yes, other people may have this book for sale, but we at AC don’t have many left–that’s why we have Femforce #1 at a higher price than our other books! Also, a solo story of Colt, the weapons mistress, as she has her first encounter with a most bizarre villain in “The Menace Of Montague Moon”. Written and drawn by Don Secrease, inked by Kevin Dzuban. Color cover by Mark Heike and Bill Black, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1985.