Femforce # 156


Perhaps THE most-awaited issue of FEMFORCE in years!! NOW it can be told- the true events that led to SYNN’S exile into the Limbo Void decades ago. As NIGHTVEIL frets over SYNN’S spiralling-out-of-control powers, she thinks back to similar circumstances early in SYNN’S FF career, and we finally learn the truth about that incident in “The Lady Who Said She Could Fly

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Cover art by Will Meugniot. Flipbook with Gargantarama 19 on back, pencils by Stephanie Heike, inks by Mark Heike. “The Lady Who Said She Could Fly,” script by Stephanie Heike, art by Will Meugniot; Back story on Synn and why she was placed in limbo. “Jungle Triangle,” script by E. T. Dollman, Mark Heike and Stephanie Heike, pencils by Rock Baker, inks by Jeff Austin; Tara Freemont fights to save her best friend Janis Lawson, who was kidnapped in the mysterious land of Taragonia. “Hah! That’s Rich!” starring Stormy Tempest, script and inks by Bill Black, pencils by Eric Coile. “Mirror Image,” script and pencils by Rock Baker, inks by Mark Heike; Dinosaur Girl battles an imitator. “Maternal Instincts,” script by Eric Johnson, pencils by Chris Allen, inks by Jeff Austin; The pregnancy and childbirth of the Amazon Housewife. “Goblin Army” starring Rowena, script by Eric Linberg, pencils by Rock Baker, inks by Paul Wills. 84 pgs., B&W. Cover price $9.95.