Femforce # 158


Bigger and better than ever, this issue features 87 PAGES OF ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN story and art!! Beyond John Nadeau’s breathtaking digitally-painted cover, you’ll read the stunning conclusion to the long-running “Living In Synn

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Stories by Mark Heike, Bill Black, Len Strazewski, Eric Johnson, Rock Baker, and Will Meugniot. Art by Rock Baker, Jeff Austin, Eric Coile, Scott Larson, Scott Shriver, Dan Gorman, and Will Meugniot. Flipbook cover by John Nadeau. AC Comics presents the adventures of their all-female superhero team. The debut of N.E.D.O.R., the super-team made of old Nedor publishing superheroes; Ms. Victory, Stardust and Nightveil shrink to microscopic size to solve Synns combustive loss of control; Dinosaur Girl and the War Birds battle Nazi-controlled pterodactyls during WWII. Living in Synn: The Conclusion!; Stormy Tempest in A Big Hand for the Little Lady!; Nightveil in The Best of Intentions; Stormy Tempest in Time Grows Short!; Tara in Big Temper; Dinosaur Girl in Priorities of War!; N.E.D.O.R. Agents in Lunar Trap for Pyro-Girl! 80 pages, B&W.