Femforce # 187


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Femforce # 187 is now available!! Cover star RAD is featured in this issue’s opening story ( written by Mark Heike with art by Dave Matsuoka), as her deep-cover role has her training with the deadly Strong Hand. While readers will finally get an inkling of The ‘Hand’s endgame, neither RAD nor The FEMFORCE realize that they are all on a collision course due to the groups machinations. Then, it’s the next installment of the ongoing never-before-seen “retro” serial starring The Sentinels of Justice (including NIGHTVEIL and STARDUST, and guest-starring SHE-CAT), as the enigmatic and powerful NEGEEMA engages a new catspaw, the former felonious feline LYNX, to advances his mysterious plans. It’s more eccentric, bizarre characters and dimension-hopping, written, drawn (and even lettered) by FEMFORCE creator BILL BLACK!! Then, in a TARA FREMONT solo, the giant jungle girl finds herself caught between a rampaging rage-monster and the ages-old sorceress who has held him in check in “Koros, The Island Killer”, written by Andrew Hawnt, with art by Johannes Vick. Then, the snarling SHE-CAT finds herself working bomb-disposal in an odd situation where the explosive charge was set by someone tyring to DO GOOD in “The Boom Room”, written by Andrew Hawnt, penciled by newcomer Orlando Baez, and inked by fan-favorite Jeff Austin. TARA returns to tackle an insane movie-maker and his giant-sized reptiles in “The Big Show”, from a script by Mark Holmes, penciled by Dan Gorman, and inked by Mark Heike and Jeff Austin. Then, STORMY TEMPEST finds her way back to her original time in Earth’s future, only to discover that while her mission into her past DID change things in her time, those changes weren’t really an improvement, in “Closing The Circle”, written by Mark Heike, with art by David Matthews and Jeff Austin. The issue is rounded out with a pair of classic FF-related reprints; “Yumm, The Incredible Ice Cream Monster With The Cherry On Top” (written and drawn by Richard “The Count” Rome, with inks by Mark Heike), starring SYNN and NIGHTVEIL, originally published in Good Girl Art Quarterly #17; and “Honeymoon In Hell”, the Ms. VICTORY/PARAGON wedding story guest-starring SYNN) from Synnwatch #1, written by Bill Black, with art by Brad Gorby and Mark Heike. That’s 80 pages of top-flight “good girl” art and action in black and white with color covers; standard comic book size, saddle stitched- for the price of $9.95. Printed in 2019.