Femforce # 36


Under The Shadow Of The Shroud, Part III. The barrier that had cut off Florida from the rest of the world had been The Shade-a slave to The Black Shroud’s commands. Darkfire is reunited with her Menta Helmet, and psychically calls to Synn and Buckaroo Betty to join her in guiding The Haunted Horseman to our reality- to stave off The Shade’s attack. Meanwhile, Vault Heroes, Sentinels and FFers deal with natural disaters worldwide, as The Shroud’s gateway, The Well Of Souls, widens ; causing more seismic upheavil. Just when it looked like it couldn’t get any worse, The Shroud plays his trump card- he activates his mental hold on Dragonfly, to destroy the heroes in there own lair. But it ultimately leads to his undoing, when a magic bullet fired by Buckaroo Betty (turns out she’s actually the daughter of The Haunted Horseman) shatters Stella Stargaze’ Hypnotic Eye,(what was she doing there , anyway) releasing Azagoth(who was imprisoned there) and the combined mystical might of he, The Haunter and Nightveil proves enough to drive the Shroud from D-fly’s body, imprison him in Doc Weir’s Purple Claw, and seal him up in the Well Of Souls. Whew! “Darkfire Descending

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