Femforce # 41


What if there was a world, very much like our own, only a dimensional vibration away? What if it was like ours in all ways, except that the females were the hunters, the explores and the fighters, and the males took care of home and hearth? A world so much like our own, that they, too had a Paragon, but besides being a woman, she was also far more vicious and ruthless than our own ? And what if our two worlds were to meet? You guessed it, the Fem-Paragon would come right in and take over ours. And she did. And the Femforce cannot match her brute force, they can only defeat her with intelligence. This untitled story is plotted by Lenny Gray, scripted by Bill Black and Mark Heike, pencilled by Lee Larkins, and inked by Mark Heike and Jordi Ensign. It guest stars Paragon and Atomman. Then, in “Devil Island

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