Femforce # 45


Something has been wrong with Nightveil for months now, and no one has been more aware of it than her brother, Roger(The Avenger)Wright. When NV taunts him with a stunt that could cost him his life, new found love interest Miss Masquee can barely save him. Enter Azagoth to expose the imposter who has been playing Nightveil’s part all this time, and The Haunted Horseman to haul her away to limbo. But, where is the real Nightveil? This untitled story is written by Bill Black, drwan by Dick Ayers and inked by Black and Mark Heike. This story guest stars Lady Luger, and marks Dick Ayers start as regular artist on the FF. Then, the military officials are called in to ponder the question of what to do with the recedntly-returned Garganta in “A Too Tall Tale

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