Femforce # 44


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Femforce # 44 A giant Tara, a giant Nightveil and a giant Garganta (wearing nothing but a couple of strategically-placed starfish, no less) is too much for any invading army to handle, even the Gammazons. “Gammazons From Galxy G, Part II” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Brad Gorby, and inked by Mark Heike. So, when GTS NV blasts their mother ship, the threat is ended. Of course, with Garganta in tow, that leaves the problem of what to do with a non-communicative, nude giant woman in the hands of the FF.Little do they know that even as Colt and Jennifer are on her trail , Rad is about to unknowingly aid two of her greatest enemies , turning Fritz Voltzman and Lady Luger into young, super powered demons, in “Luger Laughs Last”, scripted by Bill Black, with art by Frank Turner. And the final bound-in mini comic is another all-new story, as Cat-man and Kitten visit “Horror House”, written by Bill Black, with art by Billie Marimon. Holyokes’ feline furies of the Golden Age in action in their first solo story since the 1940’s! Giant women, cat-fights, bondage; this issue has a lot of weird stuff-and lots of great “good girl art” Color cover by Bill Black and Brad Gorby, insides are black and white with graytones, plus additional red tones on the mini comic. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1991.