Femforce # 50


Special 50Th issue!! Countdown To Victory- “The Final Hour- In the final miliseconds before the giant bomb exploded, a high-voltage jolt from the bomb’s circuitry combined with the sight of daughter Jennifer risking all to save her turned Joan Wayne back into Ms. Victory, with the Rad personna expunged from her psyche. Invulnerable Joan and Jen weathered the blast, though Colt sustained injuries. Back at FFHQ, little Jason Burke is happily reunited with his family, but in the midst of exuberant paranormal hijinx, Joan is hit with a stange paroxism, and morphs into a half-Rad on a rampage. The combined might of the remaining FF, the giantess Garganta and half a dozen Vault heroes is not enough to contain her. As the battle rages, a blithely unaware Dragonfly stumbles upon a strange house where Nightveil is entwined in evil-looking tendrils. D-fly is soon joining her. At the height of the Half-Rad battle, Paragon and the Green Lama arrive with a solution that restores Joan to Ms. V. Just when peace has arrived, the worst tradgedy of all occurs, when debris loosened in the fight falls on little Jason Burke. Written by Bill Black, drawn by Black, Richard(The Count)Rome and Dick Ayers, and inked by Mark Heike. Guest starring Buckaroo Betty, Miss Masque, Yankee Girl, Reddevil, Rocketman and Jetgirl, The Avenger, Nikki Latimer, General Gordon and Captain Tom Kelly. Special 50Th anniversary bonus- bound into the center of the book is a 45RPM flexi-disc recording of The Femforce theme song recorded and produced by the New York rock group, The Keys. Color wraparond cover by Bill Black and Mark Heike, all full color throughout. 40-page standard comic format, with bound -in record. Printed in 1992.

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