Femforce # 83


All Color!!! Trapped in the nursing home lab of Dr. Misari, the elderly Joan Wayne is subjected to a test of Misari’s age-reversing hormone. To use Joan’s trained scientific mind to record the test’s effects despite her broken jaw, Misari hooks her up to a monitor that will visualize and record her thoughts. Under the effects of sedation, Joan dreams of her last few weeks with Paragon at the Colorado Project. Once she learns that Joan is actually Ms. Victory, and finds her hormone seems to be working on Joan’s mutated body chemistry, she uses an intravenus hookup to attach Joan’s bloodstream to several of her earlier, unsuccessful experiments. While on Dhagor, Synn must face not only Vivarna and her minions, but a twisted, evil Nightveil, grown to a 100 foot tall, horned giantess. But quick thinking on her part may yet change Nightveil back to normal. And in Dr. Misari’s lab, her mutagen hormone, filtered through Joan’s bloodstream, bring two of her former experiment failures back to life. And they are none too happy about it. Enter -Major Victory and Corporal Pain!!

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