Femforce in the House of Horror #1


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Stories by Earl Hamner Jr. and Greg Horn. Art by James Sanders III, Mark Heike, and Greg Horn. Cover by Greg Horn and Mark Heike. Horror-themed superhero adventure with the members of all-female superhero team Femforce. The Femforce heroes explore a haunted house, but the creatures within have been sent by the demon Legion to steal their souls. The backup story is a real oddity: a reprint from Fawcetts This Magazine Is Haunted #5 (1951), written by Earl Hamner Jr., creator of family TV show The Waltons. Traveling carnies seek shelter in a haunted house and find themselves stalked by a murderous spirit. A Femforce Halloween Special!; The Last Man. 32 pages, B&W. Cover price $2.50. Printed  in 1989.