Femforce Up Close #10


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FFUS#11 Ever since emerging from The Vault of Heroes , former Golden Age heroine Yankee Girl has been unhappy in our present-day world.The most direct solution to that problem would seem to be to go back in time to the era she came from-the 1940’s. So, when a scheme to trick Dr. Carlos Jimenez into using his Time Triangle to send her back goes awry, and a deadly World War II villainess named Divine Wind is mistakenly brought into the present instead- well, lets just say it doen’t improve YG’s mood much. Never mind that she’s also snatched a mysterious, unstable weapon of ultimate destruction, and retreated to the past with it. “You Can’t Go Home Again” is plotted and penciled by Dave Roberts, with a scrit by Mark Heike, and inks by Chris Allen. It guest stars Jet Girl, and General Strock. This story is concluded in Sentinels Of Justice Vol. 2, #3, and is reprinted in the Femforce graphic novel, Timestorm. Then, Tara Fremont takes a short trip back to her Jungle Island refuge, where her old friend Janis Lawson is entertaining her Uncle Teddy, a world-renouned archeologist. Before long, all three are embroiled in a plot involving modern-day pirates in “Treasure And Treachery”, written and drawn by Bret Wesner. Color cover by Dave Roberts and Mark Heike, interiors are black and white with graytones. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1994.