Femforce Up Close #5


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FFUC#5 It is the spring of 1943, and the American homefront seems peaceful and quiet- but not so for the Wright family, as Senator Thomas Wright, father of Laura(Blue Bulleteer)Wright is kidnapped by Axis agents. Against impossible odds, BB must use all of her wits, intelligence and fighting skill just to find her father- and the power of love to save him. Learn just what an able fighter Nightveil was long before she attained mystical powers, as well as details on her origin and her mother’s fate in “Thanks Given”- a book length story plotted by Steven L. Myers, scripted by Mark G. Keike, drawn by Richard Pollard Sr., and inked by Sonny Delos Santos, Manny Panteleon, Leonard Castro, Bert Gabiano and Ding Abubot. It guest stars The Black Commando and Miss Victory. This issue features particularly lush and sensual “good girl art” done in a retro style particularly evocative of the era. Also features pinups by Jose Dominguez, Bill Black and Brad Gorby. Full color cover by Richard Pollard Sr. and Mark G. Heike, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1992.