Femforce Up Close #9


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FFUC#9 Synn feels left out when the new boss of the Femforce, General Roberta Strock(her first AC appearance) is reluctant to give her any outside responsibilities in the new FF reorganization. When a distress call from Rita Farrar in South America comes in, Synn decides to handle it herself to prove to Strock and the others how competent she is.A simple case of a corrupt land developer turns dangerous when he aquires an Amazonian crown with mystical powers, that transforms him into a giant, rampaging mutant. “When A Tree Falls In The Forest” is plotted by Tillman Smoot, scripted by Bill Black and Mark Heike, drawn by Chris Allen (his first full feature for AC) and inked by Mark Heike It guest stars Ms. Victory, She-Cat, Tara and Nightveil, along with one of the Gammazons From Galaxy G. Has GTS giant woman sequences. Color cover by Bill Black and Nark Heike, full color throughout. Standard comic book format, printed in 1994