Men of Mystery #107


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Men of Mystery #107 is now available! A fascinating anthology compilation of “The Great and the Not So Great” among the costumed adventurers of comic books’ Golden Age. Start with an early (third appearance, actually) adventure of Standard/Nedor’s BLACK TERROR; originally published in Exciting Comics #11, with art by Elmer Wexler. This is the first BT story to feature his assistant, Tim in costume. Then, it’s SHOCK GIBSON from Speed Comics #19. There has been speculation for years over the identity of the artist on this run of Shock stories; we believe the penciler is Mort Leav, with an unidentified inker- but probably the SAME inker who finished Mort’s pencils on the first two stories of The WEB in MLJ’s Zip Comics. Then, Standard/Nedor’s supernatural wonder, The GHOST; in an Augie Froelich-illustrated story from Thrilling #44. Then another Thrilling Comics stalwart- DOC STRANGE, from issue #19, with art by George Mandel appears in a feature-length action thriller. AIRBOY joins in with another long story by the artist most associated with the feature, Fred Kida. This story is from Airboy Volume 5, #8. After that, it’s Senorita Rio from Fight #71, her last Golden Age appearance; SUICIDE SMITH from Wings #107, with art by Al Hollingsworth, DON STUART and the FAR EAST RANGERS from Rangers #2, ESPIONAGE (drawn by the great Will Eisner) from Smash #7, and BLACKHAWK from BLACKHAWK #105, drawn by Dick Dillin and Chuck Cuidera. MOM #107’s three first-timers are an especially illustrious lot. There’s SNIFFER and the DEADLY DOZEN (co-starring IRON JAW) as drawn by William Overgard from Boy Comics #87, SILVER STREAK ( can’t BELIEVE we’ve never reprinted a SS story before this- but we hadn’t) drawn by the great Jack Cole, from Silver Streak #5, AND the origin/first appearance of Ace Comics The FLAG, from Our Flag #2. Another full 140 pages of vintage, rare Golden Age full stories presented in crisp, clean, state-of-the-art black and white printing inside full color covers. Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for $29.95, from AC Comics. Printed in 2018.