Men of Mystery 110


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Men of Mystery #110, the special “Mondo Obscuro” issue of this long-running and acclaimed title focuses on some of the rarest costumed superheroes of comics’ Golden Age. To be sure, there are some top-of-the-line strips like cover feature MINUTE MAN; LADY LUCK, GREEN LAMA, BLACKHAWK and FLINT BAKER (all in never-before reprinted stories) in the issue, just for “star power”. But the REAL gems this go-around include stories starring Curtis Pubs’ SUB-ZERO, The TWISTER and The TARGET and the TARGETEERS; Dell Comics’ The OWL, Lev Gleason’s 13 and JINX -and The YELLOWJACKET- PLUS FIVE MORE of THE most esoteric four-color masked vigilanties from the 1940’s that have NEVER APPEARED IN an issue of Men of Mystery before!! That includes Harry “A” Chesler heroes MAJOR VICTORY (illustrated by that great team of Lou Fine imitators, Al Plastino and Charles Sultan) and DYNAMIC BOY( this is NOT the kid sidekick from the DYNAMIC MAN strip, but a completely different character), both from Major Victory #2; United Features’ champions MIRROR MAN and The TRIPLE TERROR from Tip Top #54, AND Dell’s RADIOR, from the virtually unseen, experimental Key Ring Comics!! Most of the so-called “experts” haven’t even seen a lot of THIS STUFF!! Great art from the likes of Phil Bard, Jack Binder, Paul Gustavson, John Daly, Frank Thomas, Arties Saaf, Dick Dillin, Chuck Cuidera, Klaus Nordling, John Allison, Reg Greenwood and more. 140 full pages of great black and white vintage reprints inside a full-color cover; standard comic book size and saddle stitched, from AC Comics. $29.95