Men of Mystery # 97


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Men of Mystery #97- “Quality Comics’ Biggest Stars” is now available!! Yes, it’s another top-flight compilation of some of the best Golden Age stories produced for Everett M. Arnold’s late, great Quality Comics line of the 1940’s and ’50’s; 20 complete stories in all, culled from some of the rarest, most valuable vintage issues of such Quality titles as National, Feature, Hit, Crack and Smash; with a special focus on the spectacular art of REED CRANDALL! This issue, enjoy DOLLMAN (from Feature #49) CAPTAIN TRIUMPH, The RAY (from Smash #36), and HERCULES (From Hit #16), all illustrated by the talented Mr.Crandall, but that is only the beginning, because you also get QUICKSILVER (from National #23), from National #23, The JESTER (from Smash #36) and RUSTY RYAN (from Feature #49), all by the equally-skilled Paul Gustavson, AND WONDER BOY (from National #23), ZERO, GHOST DETECTIVE (from Feature #49),BETTY BATES ( from Hit #16) and SALLY O’NEILL (from National #23) all by the stellar Al Bryant, plus Jack Cole’s MIDNIGHT (from Smash #36), Alex Kotzky’s ESPIONAGE (from Smash #36), MERLIN as illustrated by Fred Guardineer (originally published in National #23), SAMAR by Maxwell Elkans (as previously seen in Feature #49), The MARKSMAN drawn by Alex Koda (from Smash #36); The RED BEE by Witmer Williams (Hit #16), DAFFY by Bart Tumey (From Smash #47), UNCLE SAM (from National #23) and Jim Mooney’s WILDFIRE from Smash #36. That’s a full 140 pages of crisp black and white full story reprints not seen since their original publication in the 1940’s!! All inside a great full-color Crandall cover starring DOLLMAN! Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for $29.95. Released in 2015.