Sentinels of Justice #3


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FULL COLOR!!! While the costumed types follow up on leads looking for the remaining Vardax raiders, Richard Latimer hires detective Harry Diamond to research the past life of his old friend, Paragon. The good Captain’s recent revival from stasis may be leaving him mentally unstable, and his past may hold the only clues to his stability. But the gumshoe’s trail leads MUCH FARTHER into the past than anyone suspected!!When the Vardax unexpectedly strike back at the Sentinels in their own Latimer Labs stronghold, will the heroes have the strength to hold them off, with Stardust recovering from battle injuries? “Who Is Captain Paragon” is written by Bill Black, drawn by Erik(The Savage Dragon)Larsen, and inked by Emil Novack. It guest stars Nikki Latimer, Denny Brant, Femforce members Ms. Victory, Tara, She-Cat and The Blue Bulleteer. This issue also features a seven-page “Top Secret” Vardax information files feature on the villainous aliens, written and drawn by Kevin Dzuban, with Bill Black and Mike Machlan. The book has a color cover, and is printed in full color throughout. 36 pages, standard comic book format. Printed in 1985.