Starforce Six Special #1


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OUT OF STOCK! Cover by Vic Bridges. Art by Jim Sanders III, Vic Bridges, Mark Cantrell, Bob McLeod, Bill Black and Willie Blyberg. A “fantastic” group of six astronauts previously seen in Bolt and Starforce Six #1! Jimmy Sanders’ s creator-owned one-shot! In this origin issue, we see them gain their powers in “Beyond the Enigma Cloud” They then fight a character called U-Gene in “I Conquer the Stars!” Then they discover a rogue nuclear power plant in “Nuclear Nightmare”. There’s an ad for the next issue, drawn by Vic Bridges, where they fight their evil dopplegangers but it was never drawn or published (as of 2021, Vic says he still wants to do it. Now. if we could just get him as excited about doing more new art on Fazers…). 48 pages. B&W and printed in 1984. Cover price $2.00.