Men of Mystery 86

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The latest action-packed issue of comicdom’s premiere Golden Age superhero reprint anthology focuses exclusively on the World War II heroes of Fawcett Comics- including two FULL ISSUE reprints featuring a pair of rare, sought-after gems from the early heydays of Fawcett’s costumed champions of justice! Appearing here in this issue, it its entirety is the very rare MINUTE MAN #1, from the Spring of 1941; currently valued at over $3000.00! A spin-off from Master Comics, the MINUTE MAN stories from this book were released before thre US entered World War II. The four untitled stories from #1 were all drawn by Charles Sultan with the help of the Chesler Shop artists. SPY SMASHER #5 is reprised here as well, with four stories drawn by the excellent Emil Gershwin- “Death Itself Must Die”, “The Two-Faced Killer”, “America Smasher”, and one untitled story. SS #5 currently guides at a value of about $1000.00 But that’s not all- this volume also contains a Dan Barry COMMANDO YANK story from a 1942 issue of Wow Comics- “The White Lily of France”, an untitled Mr. SCARLET story from Wow #7 where the Crimson Crusader takes on The Black Sphinx (art by Jack Binder) AND the Spy Smasher back-up feature “Thrilling Spy Tales”, plus house ads & text features. In all, it’s 160 pages of vintage 1940s comic book action at it’s best. All stories are reprinted in full, utilizing state-of-the-art digital technology to maintain the integrity of the art. Standard comic book size, black & white interiors with full color covers, saddle-stitched. Released in 2011.


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7 thoughts on “Men of Mystery 86
  1. accomics

    The “skull-faced” villain on the cover is just a generic bag guy that cover artist Mike Machlan made a part of the scene; he is not meant to represent any actiual villain, Golden Age or otherwise.

  2. Robert M. Price

    Thank you. I suspected as much but wantrd to know for sure. I love those covers and have made a custom figure of Mike’s creation, as well as of seven of the star-spangled heroes in the book. If Mike cares to give that villain a name, so I’ll know what to call him, I’d love to hear it!

  3. harlan

    So since this was published in 2011 and it is now May 2012 it is safe to assume this was the last issue?

  4. Mark G. Heike

    No, actually. In fact, before the week is out, you’ll see solicitation info posted here for Men of Mystery #87 as a September, 2012 release. Some internal reorganization here has delayed production on the MOM title, but we are hoping to get it back on a more regular release schedule before too long.