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Femforce 59

Femforce 59

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All color!!! The Femforce are caught in the middle as the Vault Heroes and the old Sentinels Of Justice play “The Name Game”. When it turns out that The Fear Apparition (and all it’s very real threats) were created by Darkfire’s Menta-helmet, at the behest of General Gordon as a training excerise for his new super team, Nightveil blows her top. But things only go from bad to worse when the new Sentinels come face-to-face with the old, and all-out warfare breaks out!! Written by Bill Black, drawn by Brad Gorby, Dick Ayers, Richard Pollard and Tim (Uncanny X-Men)Townsend, with inks by Mark Heike and Bill Black. See the FF at poolside, top quality “good girl art”. Guest stars General Gordon, Buckaroo Betty, American Crusader, Yankee Girl, Miss Masque, The Avenger, Captain Flash, The Green Lama, Rocketman and Jetgirl, Reddevil and Commando D, The Scarlet Scorpion, Nikki Latimer, Black Venus and Paragon, and features the never-before-revealed origin of Yankee Girl. Color cover by Mark Heike, full color throughout. Standard comic book format. Printed in 1993.

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