Femforce # 141

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Tragedy strikes as one of the FF’s core members falls in the heat of battle; Synn fights with an intensity never before seen; Ms V finds she may have lost a son almost as soon as she’d found him, and Nightveil and She-Cat have finally returned to normal- or so we THINK. If this is the END of a story arc, why does it raise more questions than it seems to answer? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the “Nothing To Fear But Fear Itself

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Stories by Chris Irving, Mark Heike, Gianluca Cerritelli, and Eric Johnson. Art by Jon Doe, Rob Lansley, Chris Franklin, Mark Heike, Stephanie Heike, Jeff Austin, Gianluca Cerritelli, Rock Baker, Paul Wills and Quinton Bedwell. Flipbook cover by Mark Heike. AC Comics presents the adventures of their all-female superhero team. Tragedy strikes the Femforce during a battle; Yankee Girl tries to reunite with her old circus, but times have changed; The Blue Bulleteer stumbles on a WWII plot to use Nicola Teslas abandoned equipment to sabotage US homeland air defenses. Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself; Yankee Girls: Circus Freak; Blue Bulleteer: Death on the Airwaves; The Trials of Humonga; 1-900-Giantess; The Ragnarok Vault.