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  • Big Uns : Giant Women On The Rampage #2

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  • Big Uns : Giant Women on the Rampage #1

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  • Garganta’s Thrilling Science #1


    Garganta’s Thrilling Science #1 The beautiful, giant-sized superheroine out of the pages of AC’s Femforce comic finally gets her own book!!

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  • Femforce Features: Giantess

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  • Femforce # 157


    Another superb cover by Will Meugniot!! With Synn’s reality-warping powers seemingly out of control, the FEMFORCE have taken her to The Colorado Project for a medical intervention. But it’s not always wise to leave your health in the hands of a doctor who comes from another planet, with a couple of assistants who happen to be giantesses. The therapy they concoct is definitely “outside of the box

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  • Femforce # 155


    This issue,you’ll learn strange new facts relating to Synn’s ever-increasing loss of control, and what the FF may have to do about it, in a story titled “Illusions In G-Major

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  • Femforce # 138


    ALL-NEW, NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN STORIES FROM COVER TO COVER!!! Another action-packed issue starring the longest-running female super-team in history!! Start off with that rambunctious RAD, who returns to bedevil her mother, FF head honcho MS. VICTORY in “My Own Worst Enemy

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    Femforce # 137


    Get ready for the next “big event

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  • Femforce # 88


    A GTS fan’s dream!!! Stella Stargaze has had the former Dr. Carol Heisler in her thrall since ‘way back in Femforce #64, the last time she went on a rampage as the giant woman, Garganta. Since then, Stella has been socking away a fortune by marketing Carol as Madame Grande, and using her empathetic pwers to sooth the unhappy, depressed rich- giving them peace and contentment while relieving them of their cash. But eventually, a limit is reached, and the good Dr. breaks out all over in big, and the giantess Garganta walks again. As luck would have it, the very night it happens, Synn is in the audience, so the FF is immediately on hand to try and stop her. It takes seven great pages of stomping and destruction-plus Nightveil’s growth up to 60 -foot-size as well, to accomplish it.Fantastic “good girl art

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  • Femforce # 64


    All Color!!! The giant women are back in the second half of “Assault Of The 60 Foot Woman

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  • Femforce # 44

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  • Femforce # 32


    Garganta is back!

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