Femforce #169


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FEMFORCE #169 IS NOW AVAILABLE!! The FF’s West Coast investigation into CenturyCorp seems stalled until CIANOSE DJABS’ secret ZOMBIE ARMY runs amuck!! Luckily, Ms. VICTORY, SYNN, TARA. SHE-CAT and STARDUST are on the scene to hold back the undead onslaught. But what of the personal agenda of UMBRA and her sister. MADAME BOA? And how will the Machiavellian vampire/sorceress (AND head of CenturyCorp) react when she THINKS the FF may be on to her? Find out in “She’s Not There”, the 25-page FF lead feature written by Mark Heike, with art by Rock Baker and Jeff Austin. NIGHTVEIL goes to DARK DHAGOR to enlist the aide of her mentor, AZAGOTH in her twin searches for the CLOAK of DARKNESS and DAN BARTON, but finds her troubles are only beginning once she reaches the Dark World. The first chapter in a new NV saga, written by Stephanie Heike and illustrated by Dell Barras. Once back at FF headquarters after the CenturyCorp affair, STARDUST’S contemplative mood leads her to relate a dark event in her past (back on the planet Rur) to her teammates in “Eldorado”, written by Mark and Stephanie Heike, and illustrated by Paolo Bodini. Then, a long-forgotten face from SHE-CAT’S past returns to suddenly turn her world upside down in a story written and layed out by Stephanie Heike, with finished art by Jeff Austin. Finally, Ms. VICTORY returns home for a brief domestic interlude with her husband, Chuck (PARAGON) Starrett. Chuck thinks back on the events that occured during the airport parking structure collapse back in FF #167, and we finally learn the truth about RENEGADE. But -WILL Chuck tell Joan? Plus- a pair of great back-up features as GAMMAZON HOUSEWIFE is back in a new adventure facing off against the cockeyed villainy of PROM QUEEN , in “Pretender Queen”; written by Eric Johnson, penciled by Rock Baker and inked by Scott Shriver. Then, a return to the days of the Old West with The BLACK PHANTOM in “Wanted”. See the blonde former badhat use skill and wits to outduel a pair of murderous bounty-hunters in a gripping tale written by Mark Holmes, with pencils and inks by Scott Shriver. Cover art by Will Meugniot, and a special guest editorial by Rock Baker. FEMFORCE #169- 80 pages of all-new stories featuring everybodies’ favorite “good girl” art superheoines, the FEMFORCE!! Standard comic book size, black and white interiors with color covers, saddle-stitched for $9.95. Released in 2014.