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  • Femforce # 6


    Another cast member is added, and the origin of Synn, the Girl From Lsd is recapped in “Girl Talk

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    Femforce # 5


    A giant She-cat robot terrorizes the Ocean World attraction in Orlando, and the real She-cat and Ms. Victory are on hand to stop it, even as the cat-fight between Tara and Stella Stargaze heats up. The two combatants are down to there undies before Nightveil (in her civilian identity of Laura Wright) steps in to help.

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  • Femforce # 4


    Even as She-cat, Tara and Ms. Victory stop Randall Crowley, his gang and their giant mechanical octopus, the Machiavellian Stella Stargaze sets her sights on the next gem to steal- Tara’s mega-rich father, T. C. Fremont!! See the origin of Stella Stargaze, and her secret weapon! See Ms. Vistory lift a king-sized, flaccid fake octopus!! See Tara in an evening gown, rolling on the floor in a cat-fight with Stella!! Over the top “

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  • Femforce # 3

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  • Femforce # 2


    Good girl glamor and heroics continue as the world’s first all-female supergroup battles Amazons and gangsters South of the border in “A Gentleman Named Ripjaw

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  • Femforce # 1

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