Men of Mystery # 79


Another stellar “homage

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Another stellar “homage” Mike Machlan cover leads off this issue, highlighting Fawcett Comics’s MR. SCARLET, who starts the issue with “The Wolf-Men Of The West”, a 13-page action thriller drawn by Phil Bard, and originally seem in Wow Comics. Next up- from the Fabulous ’50’s, it’s Sterling Comics’ CAPTAIN FLASH, in his origin story, entitled “The Beginning”; drawn by Mike Sekowsky, from Captain Flash #1, originally published in November of 1954. With this story, AC Comics has now reprinted EVERY original CAPTAIN FLASH story from the Sterling 1954-55 run. Then, from Fiction House Comics’ Planet Comics, it’s MYSTA of the MOON, in an untitled story where Mysta battles the Superbrain and his awful fungus of doom. Art by Joe Doolin. Then, Quality Comics’ Mighty Mite, DOLLMAN rings in, in an untitled story from Dollman Comics. The evil Mr. Vickery concocts a potion to turn Dollman’s own fiancee’ Martha and her father Dr. Roberts against him, as illustrated by John Spranger. Then, it’s Fox Features’ The FLAME in a spectacular, Lou Fine-illustrated adventure from The Flame #1, as the Fiery Fighter is caught up in tale of international intrigue involving a legion of skeletal, undead creatures known as Kikoos. Then, a Klaus Norldling LADY LUCK short feature- “Unmasked”; MAJOR MIDNIGHT in “The Moon Creatures”, as rendered by Leonard Frank, plus a never-before-published pin-up of Tommy Tomorrow by Jim Mooney. Standard comic book size, 68 pages, black & white with color covers, saddle-stitched. Printed in 2009. (NOTE: This will be the last 68-page, $9,95 issue of Men of Mystery. As of September , 2009, Men of Mystery will become a 240-page, $29.95 bi-annual trade paperback. Look for it in Previews, and be sure to place a pre-order for it with your retailer.)